Latin Music Classics in Bolero

I came across a great article which tells the story of two Latin music Bolero classics, one of which was even performed by the Beatles (and includes the video to prove it). Before I take you to the article the history of the Bolero classics “Bésame Mucho” and “Solamente Una Vez”, both written coincidentally in […]

Ismael Rivera Was a Master of the Clave

October 5th is the birthday of Latin music legend Ismael Rivera “El Sonero Mayor”, just a couple of days after the passing anniversary of his legendary partner, Rafael Cortijo. In my opinion, he became such an influential singer in Latin music because he, and his early musical partner, Rafael Cortijo, did things differently than the rest […]

Salvador Cuevas Was A Salsa Innovator

The great bass player Salvador Cuevas passed this week, not before revolutionizing the way the bass is played in Salsa music. Salvador Cuevas may have not been an inventor, but he was an innovator. He was the first to bring the slaps and funk style that he learned from R&B, Funk, and Jazz music, into […]