Miguel Zenón’s Jazz Story of Puerto Rican Diaspora

In “Identities are Changeable” Miguel Zenón uses jazz and voices to tell the story of the descendants of the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York City. Although Puerto Ricans are the specific subject of Miguel Zenón’s musical documentary in this his 9th recording, he addresses a topic applicable to all Latinos (and perhaps all immigrants) […]

Latin Music History: The Maracas Indigenous Origins

“Echale semilla a la maraca pa’ que suene; cha-cu-cha, cu-chu-cu cha cu-cha” said the recently departed Cheo Feliciano in his Fania All Star version of “El Raton”. Cheo highlighted a simple but important instrument that is idiosyncratic of Latin music. Our Latin American culture is made up of the mix of three races, Indigenous, Spaniard, […]