Fania Disappoints Again with Cancelled Concert

Fania has a long history of ups and downs, and recently disappointed Salsa fans and musicians by cancelling the Fania All Stars 50th Anniversary concert at Central Park, NYC. The Fania label tweeted that “for various reasons, including timing and recording issues…the concert set for Aug 24 has been cancelled”. Papo Lucca Reacts to the […]

Monica Giraldo Reflective in “Que Venga La Vida”

Colombian singer-songwriter Monica Giraldo released a reflective folksy album in “Que Venga La Vida”. Perhaps a contemporary retro-concept of what artists like Alberto Cortez and Joan Manuel Serrat did in the 1970′s. I was pleasantly surprised by Monica’s album as it is an album that walks away from the beaten path of love ballads. Instead, […]