Grammy 2016: Latin Jazz Favorites

If you’re new to Latino Music Cafe and like our content, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!We’re in Grammy month, and the nominees in the Latin Jazz category bring a rainbow of perspectives on the genre. “Intercambio” and “Identities” are my favorites as Bay Area music professor Wayne Wallace […]

Cortijo and Calypso

This week I read an excellent newspaper article about the involvement of legendary bandleader Rafael Cortijo with Calypso music. In this blog I’ll provide a historical framework to it. Cortijo, the Calypso, and the Antillean Connection “Cortijo, el Calypso y la Conexion Antillana” is the title of the article written by Ana Teresa Toro for […]

“Cabezudos” of the Calle San Sebastian

The traditional “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian” are underway this weekend, and as usual leading the way is the “comparsa de los Cabezudos”, the big-head figures that are the symbol of this event. But did you know that the Cabezudos are a centuries-old tradition that by far precedes the “Fiestas de la Sanse” (as […]


In Puerto Rico, the period after the 3 Kings Day (“Día de los Santos Reyes Magos”) is known as the “Octavitas”. This tradition has changed through the decades, and is now rapidly fading away, so it’s worth a quick review of this piece of Puerto Rican Christmas culture. What are the “Octavitas”? The current “Octavitas”, […]