Free Stream: Miguel Zenon’s Live Village Vanguard Concert

Free music stream! Latino jazz musician Miguel Zenon continues to make headlines. NPR recorded a Live performance of his quartet at New York’s Village Vanguard and it’s free for you to enjoy the audio of it (link below).

The Puerto Rican jazz and Latin jazz star performs with his talented quartet, which has been able to remain together for the most part of 10 years.

Miguel’s Quartet at the Village Vanguard is composed of Venezuelan maestro Luis Perdomo on piano, Hans Glawischnig on bass, and Puerto Rican raising star Henry Cole in drums. The 71 min audio stream of the Live set at the Village Vanguard is very much worth listening to.

Besides NPR highlight of Miguel Zenon’s performance, Zenon continues his passion for educating audiences and our younger generations in virtues of jazz and of Latino music and culture.

Miguel Zenon and his Jazz quartet at the Village Vanguard.

Latino jazz musician Miguel Zenon reviewig the music backstage with his talented jazz quartet.

He continues to work on his “Caravana Cultural”, bringing free jazz education and music to the rural areas of his native Puerto Rico. Additionally, he recently played at the New England Conservatory, with the student’s NEC Jazz Orchestra, in an event recently reviewed in a Jazz Times article.

Additionally, a new recording titled “Oye!!!” has been launched. You can be sure that as soon as I get hold of it I will be reviewing Miguel Zenon’s album here in Latino Music Café.

I like Miguel Zenon’ music because of its originality and because he is a technical virtuoso of the alto sax. The fact that he uses jazz music as a vehicle for highlighting our Latino cultural heritage and Miguel’s use of his stage to bring this cultural message to different audiences makes me a fan of his work.

Enjoy the NPR free music stream of Miguel Zenon and his Quartet set at the Village Vanguard in the link HERE. I would love to hear back from you as to what you think of the performance!


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