Latin Jazz Maestro Bobby Sanabria Magazine Feature

Here is an interesting article and complementary video. For those of you that might have missed the article in International Musician magazine, I just wanted to raise awareness of this feature article highlighting our Latin Jazz maestro Bobby Sanabria.

The multi-Grammy nominated Bobby Sanabria has been one of the main flag-bearers of Latin music, taking his knowledge and experience of late Latin Jazz greats like Machito and Tito Puente, and the musical legacy they left, to the younger and knowledge-thirsty generations of musicians and Latin music fans.

Latin music maestro Bobby Sanabria in the June 2013 cover.

Latin music maestro Bobby Sanabria in the June 2013 Int’l Musician cover.

Besides his musical and educational efforts, Bobby Sanabria has also been an active defender and advocate of Latin music and Latino musicians rights. His fight to reinstate the Latin Jazz category in the Grammy Awards, explained in the article (and also in some previous blogs in Latino Music Café) are examples of that tenacity and passion he has to keep Latin music in the pedestal it deserves to be in.

The link to the article “Bobby Sanabria; Advocate and Activist” published in the June 2013 issue of International Musician is HERE. But if you want a visual experience, here is a video of Bobby Sanabria showing and explaining the history and musical fundamentals of the Latin music genre called “Mambo”.


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