Latinos Should Boycott Sirius XM

Pay satellite radio station Sirius XM has just cut some Latino stations from their program, and Latinos should cut Sirius subscriptions in return.

Some businesses, organizations, and politicians still don’t realize that Latinos are a big force in the United States. We can decide Presidential elections, influence business strategies, and reinstate Grammy categories. We’re the fastest growing sector of the United States population and have a huge purchasing power.

Latinos to boycott Sirius

The Sirius XM decision to remove Latin music stations has affected Latino artists.

There are more latinos in the US than Canadians in Canada. And yet, businesses like Sirius are choosing to cut us out of what we like most; music. Why?

As reported in the Wall Street Journal this week, Sirius XM demoted some Latin music station only to their online offering. Very few of their subscribers actually listen to them online, resulting in a significant loss of income for many Latino artists.

We can do the same to them, as they are not the last Coke in the dessert. Like the WSJ reports, about a quarter of Pandora Media monthly listeners are Hispanic, and Spotify AB’s third most popular Playlist is an urban Latin mix called Baila Reggaeton.

Latinos should boycott Sirius by massively unsubscribing from their service. Don’t even listen to Sirius in rental cars, even if it’s free.

Let’s pull together and support people and businesses that support our interests.

Like Tite Curet wrote…

“Pueblo latino
de cualquier ciudad…
ha llegado la hora de la unidad
ha llegado la hora del estrechón de manos
como protección.

Pueblo latino
de cualquier barrio
de cualquier ciudad…
(De cualquier ciudad…).

Tu hora ha sonado, unete;
porque en la unidad es que esta la fuerza
que nos puede salvar de la infelicidad
que nos puede salvar de la infelicidad… ”

Pueblo Latino (Pete El Conde with Fania All Stars)

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