About Me

I’m Hector Aviles, your host at Latino Music Café. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Latin music. I decided to start Latino Music Café to share my knowledge, insights, and research on Latin music.

Hector Aviles - blogger at Latino Music Cafe Latin music blog.

Hector Aviles – your host and Latin music blogger at Latino Music Cafe.

I believe you can enjoy Latin music more the more you learn about it. In this Latin music blog, you can also benefit from my album reviews to help you find good Latin music. I like to research our musical roots and believe we can keep our Latino culture alive by sharing those cultural roots.

Before I tell you more about myself, check out this short video where I explain my purpose for Latino Music Café and what’s in it for you as a reader.

My Preferences and Background

My favorite music genre is “salsa“. However, I like almost any type of Latin music, from “trios” to “boleros“, from “rancheras” to “huapango”, from “bachata” to “vallenato“, from “Brazilian” to “Latin jazz”, to a bit of “reggeatón”, pop, “Rock en Español”, and many others. Music is one of the main ways to express our culture. I find it one of the best ways to pass our culture and traditions down to our future generations.

As a Latino who until recently lived in the United States, I want to do my part in spreading a little knowledge regarding the story behind our Latin music. This will enable us to better enjoy the music for ourselves and also be able to improve our ability to pass our culture to our children.

Hector and Ivonne

Yours truly with my wife Ivonne Bruno, who helps me make this Latin music blog possible.

Currently I work and live just outside San Juan, Puerto Rico with my wife Ivonne. I have expertise in the fields of Quality Management, Operational Excellence, and Project Management. My experience has been mostly in the manufacturing and information technology industries. Academically, I have a background in Industrial Engineering with a Masters in Business Administration specialized in Technology Management (MBA/TM).

My Vision for this Latin Music Blog

I hope to make Latino Music Café a blog were you feel comfortable sharing your opinions and comments. My goal is to see Latino Music Café grow from a Latin music blog into an active community of readers that also contribute to the richness of the content and of the discussion. If you like Latino Music Café, I encourage you to subscribe to our page either via email or RSS (there are fields to do that at the top right hand in the Home page). This way you’ll get alerts to new content, and soon to our monthly newsletter — I don’t send spam.

Please let me know how I can improve Latino Music Café to reach this goal or simply contact me for any comment you may want to share. You can reach me at my email (hector@latinomusiccafe.com). I also encourage you to spread the word to your friends and family so we can become a bigger community. We have a page in Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/LatinoMusicCafe), which I hope you “Like”, a YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/latinomusiccafe) to which you can subscribe and find my CD Reviews in video, and you can follow us on Twitter (@hectoraviles).

I hope to hear from you soon!



31 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hello Hector..just to say Thank you, for covering me in the past…I have moved back to S. Florida to the ‘sun and musical fun’…Thank you for all that you do for us musicians…”JC” Johnny Conga

    • Hi JC,
      Yes, I know about your move to Florida through the Yahoo Latin Jazz Group. If you have any event let me know and I’ll put it up in my LMC Facebook and Twitter.

  2. Hi Hector, I was born in salinas P.R. way back growing up new york Barrio 105&115 street. retired and living in florida for 30 yrs your web site is very interesting it also brings back lots of memories. please keep in contact with me—–thanks manny mojica ,

    • Hola Manny. I’m glad you enjoy my Latin music blog Latino Music Cafe. I hope to keep providing information that is not usually covered in other media. I encourage you to subscribe to Latino Music Cafe on the email option, as this will provide you notifications of new content and in 2014 I will start a monthly newsletter. You can also “Like” us in our Facebook page.

      Saludos and keep in touch!

  3. Dear Hector,
    Thank You for your mostly kind words for my new CD ”From Daddy With Love”.
    There is one spelling mistake in my last name (during the review) which is probably a typo. As you can see on the CD cover the name FROHMAN only has one ‘N’. I truly appreciate your support.
    Mitch Frohman

    • Mitch. I’m truly sorry for the mistake. I’ll correct it immediately. I don’t know where I got the wrong spelling of your name! This is a fantastic album, very enjoyable to listen. Hopefully we can do an interview sometime soon!


  4. Hector,

    I am a student working in the Marketing Department at Berklee looking to establish a relationship with Spanish bloggers. We have some incredible videos being produced every semester and we would love to have them shared with a larger audience!

    This past week we released a video featuring the Spanish artist and student, Victor Mirallas:

    I hope to begin sending you more videos and getting these wonderful people out there!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Jordan,
      Thanks for reaching out to my Latin music blog Latino Music Cafe. I will gladly share this in my blog as I like to support young latin artists.


  5. My name is Sofia Lorena.

    I am an singer/dancer/zumba instructor.

    I am writing in regards to an independent project which consisted of me and a friend flying over to Malaga to produce a music video called Kosusa ( Keep on Dancing). The song has a blend of cultures from Africa, London mainly spanish.

    Inspired by music/dance/fashion/culture/expression/zumba/fitness

    Please see below for the video

    The concept of the video is about improvisation , in order to capture the energy from the beautiful people in Malaga Spain. The majority of the people who took part even the cameraman responded to a call on Facebook and meeting each other for the 1st time at the day of the shoot

    It would be great if you will be able to get your support

    Look forward to hearing from you



    Nana D & Lorena – #KoSuSa (carry on dancing)

    Click on the picture below or click on the link to watch

    Youtube URL –

  6. Received your newletter re PR diaspora. Good stuff !! This prompted me to send you my video which features old-school “El Barrio” scenes.

    “DO YOU FEEL IT” by Joe Cuba

    Keep up the good work.

  7. With topics between 50 and 100 web sites deep, when you research you normally click on the links of the first ten sites listed (if you have the time). Just recently came across your blog, by accident. I can’t remember exactly, but the Latino caught my attention on the link as I was surfing two miles an hour. I read your bio and goals and subscribed.

    Your efforts and experience will provide an important need to this diverse and beautiful music. Also, important is your open mind and heart to other styles of Latino music. I don’t know what it was, but as I read your work I began to think about growing up in Chi-Town. I grew up on the north side and loved being in the city during the winter. I know, people look at me curiously when I say that. But, point being here, Café bustelo con una concha. I have to stay away from those habits now because of age. I do think about those days, having puppy love, hangin out at the lake, and listening to the street bands on the corners into the night during the summer months, man, I enjoy thinking about those days gone by!!

    “LO QUE LE PASO A LUISITA”…… salsa mayor
    “DOLORES DULCES”…beto y los fairlanes con tish hinojosa


  8. Zeroshinemusic May 4, 2015 at 8:48 am Reply

    Hola. Mi nombre es Cristian Bernal Gerente del sello musical Zeroshinemusic.

    Estamos en Suecia, pero trabajamos por todo el mundo con artistas latinos y europeos.

    Le queria pedir un mail para poder enviarle material de promocion.
    Saludos Cristian Bernal

  9. Hola, hermano.

    I’d like to share with you my new single “Lejos”. Featuring Karl Perazzo (Santana’s percussionist) and some of the stars from the GRAMMY-Awarded Pacific Mambo Orchestra.

    If you like it, please help me share it with the world!


    Thank you so much!
    All best from San Francisco,
    Oskar Ly

  10. Hi Hector,
    I am writing a book about Latin music. Would you give me permission to use a picture of Tito Rodriguez from your blog. Of course I will give you credit for the photo.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Ish Martinez

  11. Hello Hector,

    I recently saw your review of Johnny Conga on FB and would like the opportunity to send you my debut cd Carmen’s Mambo which was released in 2013 on OA2 records. Actually JC plays on one tune and the CD includes original Latin Jazz with some great players. My web site is being revamped at this moment so more info can be found online.

    Lary Barileau

  12. Alejandra Rubalcava March 14, 2016 at 7:44 pm Reply


    Me llamo Alejandra R. y soy la representante Camía, una canta autora de Tijuana que actualmente graba y promueve su proyecto original que es balada country en español. Nos encantaría que la conocieras en sus redes sociales y escuchar tu opinión.

    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/camiamusic
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/camiagonzalez


  13. Hey guys

    Great site. My name is Bobby Marin. I’ve been working on restoring, editing remastering some of my older Latin Jazz recordings. I’m wondering if you would like me to send you a sample for your perusal.

    Keep up the great work !


    • Hi Bobby,
      Thanks for the compliments on Latino Music Café. I’ve been taking a break from LMC, so thanks for your patience. I will check out the album and will email you for a promo copy to review when I’m ready to do so. Right now I’m playing catch-up!



  14. I was looking through your articles and I noticed that you said Ruben didn’t come to the concert because of Willie Colón. How do you know that? Why do you say that you don’t blame him. Are you not cognizent that Rubén’s success is very heavily influenced by Mr. Colón’s tutelage? They might have some beef but when you say you don’t blame him, what do you base your opinion on? Do you know something you could share with us?

    • Hi Josie,
      No, its just my guess. Ruben has always given Willie his due credit for giving him one of his first big opportunities for success. And he follows that statement by saying he will not work with Willie ever again. So I based it on that.

      Thanks for reading Latino Music Café!


  15. Dear Mr. Aviles,

    I am writing to ask if you would consider checking out our latest release on Lulaworld Records, the debut CD by Cuban Canadian bassist and composer Yoser Rodriguez.

    The album has had airplay on CBC, JAZZ.FM 91 and community radio in Canada and can be streamed on Spotify or here is a link to a folder with the tracks in mp3 format.


    If you might be interested in receiving a hardcopy of the disc or one sheet, we would be more than happy to send these materials to you.

    Warmest regards,

  16. hi my name is will soulfull latin hiphop artist love to submit some of my lates work
    curentlee promoting my lates single call suena asi ” with my lates video shot in central america el salvador you could find more of me on faacebook/ innocent mind original
    or reach me at my email wilsonsandoval67@yahoo.com

    peace and love stay intouch

  17. Hola Sr Hector,

    My name is Adrian Garcia. A singer from Mexico originally but I’ve lived in London for almost 9 years now. I have released some music now, most of it in the style of Latin, Latin Pop. Recently I released a single, an uptempo, fun Latin Pop song and this Sunday September 11th I will release a music video for that song, I was wondering there’s an specific process to get a feature/review of my song here in your Blog. I’d be more than happy to make that happen.

    Here’s a link to the song, called MUEVELO (this is not the music video, just a lyric video);


    Thanks a lot in advance and looking forward to hear from you.


    Adrian Garcia

  18. Hey Hector ! New Latino Music Coming form Los Angeles wanted to let you know about !

    Adrian Brizz releases music video for catchy uplifting Latino anthem. Showcasing the latest musical dance craze from the barrios of
    Los Angeles.

    September 14th, 2016 – Brizz Productions presents “Vámonos (Mi Gente Bout to Get Lit)” a song that sends a direct message to the latino community encouraging them to focus on the positive traits of Latino culture while ignoring negative commentary. The song, written by two brothers Adrian and Ivan, brings to light the work ethic, moral, honor, and intelligence of a modern day Latino. “We want to represent our heritage in a new way,” Adrian reflects “This music is meant to inspire a new generation of Latinos.”

    The song is inspired by modern day events and coverage of Latino Americans (more specifically Mexicans) in the media. They teamed up with another pair of very talented brothers, Nazul and Uriel Ramírez, to create a dance to go along with the song.

    The Vámonos line dance is a mixture of catchy street moves with an explosion of the tradition Mexican dance Zapateado. With claps, turns, and slides, this flourish of movement makes a perfect dance for any Latino party. Together these four young men are shaping the future for young Latinos in America providing hope and pride.

    Adrian Brizz along with his brother, mother, and father, created the movement and music, called EDMEX. EDMEX mixes traditional Mexican genres, Banda and Norteño, with Rap and EDM. His father Byron, an accomplished record producer in his own respect, first came up with the idea of mixing Banda and Norteño with EDM style hooks, drops and beats. The brothers quickly followed suite and started writing on top of the tracks. Their mother, Cecilia, a platinum selling songwriter over looked the lyrics and song structure. Adrian and his brother Ivan, both song writers since their early teens, were inspired to create a new musical movement called EDMEX. “EDMEX stands for Electronic Dance Mexico, it takes traditional dance and music and mixes it with contemporary culture. We wear athletic clothes and Botas, we party to Rap and Banda music. Most of us go to music festivals to watch our favorite DJs and we wanted to make music to reflect our own heritage and life style. The lyrics and music paint a picture of our everyday world, usually up beat, rhythmic and flavorful. Coming from LA my brother and I lived in two worlds. Our art is a reflection on how we where raised. We wanted to make music where both worlds could be incorporated” says Adrian.

    The brothers have been recording music since they where in elementary and both participated in their father’s platinum selling records “Ni de Aqui Ni de Allá” and “Esperanza” from the artist Jae-P’s albums. The brothers took after their fathers foot steps in the development of a new sound. Once the pair started working on the project, inspired by their goals, the rest of the family joined in. The creator/producer Byron Brizz hails his sons work, “ It took me back to the late 90’s when rap was transcending its genre and incorporating different cultures into the music. When the boys began rapping on top of my sound I instantly fell in love with the new message and aesthetics.” Adrian and Ivan, both Calarts Alum Adrian ’15 and Ivan ’20, use their artistic and scholarly pedigree to enhance a sound for Millennial Latinos. “Vámonos” is the current single off Adrian Brizz’s ground breaking album, “Me Vale Mas”.

    This songs lyrics are inspirational and witty.
    The music is infectious, fun, up beat and gets your body moving.
    The video Showcases Los Angeles Latino culture.
    The dance is a rehash of traditional Folklórico with a twist of modern day street dance.

    The music video is available on Youtube here:


    Link to full Album Adrian Brizz Me Vale Más

  19. Hi Hecor
    Just came across your website. I enjoyed your video introduction very much.
    Let me know if you are ever in Los Angeles for a visit. Would love to have you as a guest.
    Eddie Lopez
    Kxlu Alma del Barrio

    • Thanks Eddie. I had a series of events starting on the last part of 2016 that kept out of blogging for a while. I’m getting back into it now, so i hope you enjoy it.


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