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Bobby Sanabria and Miguel Zenon Jazz masters

Jazz Shows in New York for Puerto Rico

Jazz masters Bobby Sanabria and Miguel Zenon organized separate Jazz events to gather funds for Puerto Rico’s Disaster Relief. The event “Salsa Meets Jazz for Puerto Rico” will take place on Monday, October 23, while the event “Fuerza Puerto Rico” will be held on Wednesday, November 1st. Both events will be held in New York […]

"Familia" is a homage to Chico O'Farrill and Bebo Valdes

NPR on O’Farrill-Valdes Latin Jazz Album “Familia”

NPR’s Felix Contreras interviewed Arturo O’Farrill on his Latin Jazz album with Chucho Valdes titled “Familia“. In Familia Arturo and Chucho pay homage to their fathers, Chico O’Farrill and Bebo Valdes. Both of these legends were influential in the creation of what we know as Latin Jazz. NPR’s Alt. Latino and the Interview with Arturo […]

"Our Latin Thing" caused a Salsa music boom in the 70's.

Salsa Music History, Part 3: Fania All Stars

I finished Part 2 of this blog series with an explanation on the impact the Fania All Stars had in making Salsa music popular around the world. In this blog, I’ll share my favorite Fania All Stars recordings. Fania All Stars Early Live Recordings The Fania All Stars early “live” recording were some of their best […]

The Escovedo family of Latin music

The Escovedo Family of Latin Music

I’m sharing this article I came across which highlights the Escovedo family. This west coast Mexican-American family has left a mark in Latin music and American music. About the Escovedo Family The family patriarch was a former prizefighter who crossed over to the United States from Mexico. Upon his arrival, he moonlighted as a singer […]

Salsa Music boom during 70's and 80's

Salsa Music History, Part 2: Origins and Boom

The Salsa music boom in popularity took place in the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s. The Latin music from urban New York had taken shape. This music combined Afro-Caribbean rhythms with a jazzy brass and a contemporary urban story-line. The result was rhythmically similar to the Latin music of the 40’s and 50’s, but stylistically different. […]