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Best of Latin music 2014

Best Latin Music of 2014

This is the blog of the best Latin music of 2014 expected by Latino Music Café readers. But the word “best” is a very subjective term, as what is best for me might not be the best for you. This year, instead of “best” I will comment on the most remarkable Latin music albums of 2014. […]

Best Latin Music 2013: Salsa

There was a lot of good Salsa in 2013. In this blog I’ll cover some of what I considered the best Salsa music I was able to get my hands on. (Versión en Español abajo) Salsa Music Live Juan Luis Guerra’s “Asondeguerra” and producer Sergio George’s “Salsa Giants“ were big hitters with live albums in […]

Best Latin Music 2013: Latin Pop

I’m going to be flexible with the Latin pop definition to cover a wide spectrum of 2013 music that goes from the softer-mellower Latin pop to the harder more active music, and even bordering with alternative Latin music. So give me some slack on this one, because this should be an interesting review of good […]